About us

We started in 2014 and haven't stopped since.
And we are just getting started!

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step." Lao-Tse

What would this first step be?
Getting to know us!

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It all started with a group of friends and a clear vision of the future: dedicating themselves to what they are most passionate about.
And so, since 2014—and with many new members on board—we have been combining innovation, talent and technology to contribute to our clients' digital success, working hand-in-hand with them in different parts of the world.
Today we are a motivated team of professionals with experience across diverse sectors, who continue to evolve constantly to transform your ideas into incredible, long-lasting technological solutions.


Juan Jaramillo
Chief Executive Officer
Oscar Salazar
Chief Operation Officer
Santiago Álvarez
Chief Commercial Officer
Alejandro Fonseca
Chief Legal Officer
Carolina Agudelo
Chief Administrative Officer
Carlos Alba
Blockchain Director

Our values

We are driven by technology and the desire to make your life easier. Everything we do, we do in a big way: we create, innovate, and have fun during the process.

Work hard -
play harder

We're part of the same team with our clients, working hand in hand to achieve their goals.

Be brave -
trust your gut

We trust in the skills of each member of our team, we encourage them to make decisions independently.


We build our solutions around motivated people, providing the necessary environment and backing to create successful, long-lasting projects.


We speak openly and honestly, valuing ideas over hierarchy

Stronger together

Every team member is equally important and we all work side-by-side with our eyes on our goals; we are supportive, loyal, and generous.

We are just Active humans

We share our mistakes and defeats as well as our greatest victories and lessons learned, working to build a culture that is a magnet for great people.

Constant evolution

We grow stronger with every situation and continually raise our level to offer only our best.